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PAS BOBUTE.LT - online store of natural and healthy products.
This is the idea of ​​a young family who loves natural, high-quality and wholesome products. We want to use good products and offer you the opportunity to buy quality products. As a result, an online store of natural products produced by small farmers and family enterprises was created. We know our suppliers and their products very well, therefore we can offer you a quality service (consulting). We will sincerely advise and help you to choose our products.
The most popular classic fermented oat product. Mild taste, high in fiber and good bacteria.GLUTEN FREE,LACTOSE FREE,UNTRASTERATED,CONCENTRATED,VEGAN...
20.00 €
Oat product fermented with ginger.GLUTEN FREE,LACTOSE FREE,UNTRASTERATED,CONCENTRATED,VEGAN.The product contains at least 1x108 CFU / ml of lactic aci..
21.00 €
Oat product fermented together with the nutritious blue-green alga spirulina. Spirulina is called a superfood because of its high protein content, var..
23.00 €
Oat product, fermented with cinnamon.GLUTEN FREE,LACTOSE FREE,UNTRASTERATED,CONCENTRATED,VEGANThe product contains at least 1x108 CFU / ml of lactic a..
21.00 €
Oat product, fermented with turmeric.GLUTEN FREE,LACTOSE FREE,UNTRASTERATED,CONCENTRATED,NON-ALCOHOLICVEGAN.The product contains at least 1x108 CFU / ..
21.00 €
Food supplement ESKIO-3. VEGAN ALGAE DHR helps maintain normal brain function and helps maintain normal vision.The positive effect is seen with a..
26.00 €
SILXPERT® SKIN + silicium lightening cream Silxpert® silicon whitening cream whitens and depigments dark skin (pigmented) spots, lightens and eve..
39.99 €
SILXPERT® SKIN + silicium repair creamSilxpert® Silicon Repair Cream is an effective remedy that protects the skin from roughness, dryness, flaking, i..
29.99 €
SILXPERT® "Beauty from within" food supplementBelgian company Eytelia has revealed the secret of beauty!Firm and elastic skin, lush and unbreakable ha..
29.99 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
The Dwarf Duo gift set is a great solution to greet a loved one! Quince tea is loved by the whole family, and quince candy is a great snack for the wh..
14.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
The kitchen set of gift magic consists of 4 of our most popular spices.Chimi churi is an Argentinian breath in your kitchen. Whether you are preparing..
22.00 €
Hemp flower buds
3-5 Dienos
Hemp flower budsTop quality hand-picked and re-reeled hemp flower buds. Has a lot of CBD, perfect for tinctures, compresses, inhalation, CBD oilaxtrac..
6.00 €
Cold pressed unrefined hemp seed oilHemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 (21.9%), omega-6 (66.3%), omega-9 (11.8%) fatty acids in an optimal ratio of 3: 1..
6.50 €
Spice mix "Garlic tomato"  Our "Garlic Tomato" is a taste of Mediterranean cuisine in your dishes. Perfect for preparing pasta, poultry, fis..
5.50 €
Tea set made from spice seeds, corns, roots, nuts (16 pcs.) Tea set contains 16 pieces. different types of teas:"In – Feminine spring""Machismo Y..
27.00 €
Grany's spice mix with hempGrandma's spice mixture with hulled hemp seeds will perfectly flavor meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, stews. The soups wi..
5.50 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn berry puree  Sea buckthorn berry puree is rich in vitamin c. It is a great choice for those who want to strengthen the immune syste..
6.00 €
Supplement ESKIMO-3 PURENet content 120 g120 capsules (1 capsule 1000 mg)Certified as kosherIngredients: fish oil (mackerel, anchovies, sardines), gel..
22.90 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn juiceSea buckthorn juice from Lithuanian farmed sea buckthorn berries. Not a concentrate, without added sugar (the product contains natu..
4.00 €
For potatoesCountry of origin: Litva...
5.50 €
"Castle tea" Looking for luxury tea for the evening? Want to surprise a guest? We recommend trying the Royal Castle tea with saffron ... A specia..
9.00 €