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Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set " Green hemp"The set consists of:Hemp seed oil 200 mlHemp rings 25g1 cup of tea with an inscription (Dont worry be happy)The boxMade in Lithuania.Seller UAB "Pas Bobutė"..
16.50 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
The kitchen set of gift magic consists of 4 of our most popular spices.Chimi churi is an Argentinian breath in your kitchen. Whether you are preparing meat, fish or a vegetarian dish, the taste and smell will surprise you. A great combination of garlic, oregano, sweet peppers and parsley with love f..
27.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
The Dwarf Duo gift set is a great solution to greet a loved one! Quince tea is loved by the whole family, and quince candy is a great snack for the whole family!The set consists of:330 ml. Quince tea. 6 eur. (Ingredients: quince 60%, sugar 40%) .100 gr. Quince candy. 5 eur. (Ingredients: quince 60%,..
14.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set "Sea buckthorn"The set consists of:Sea buckthorn juice 300 mlSea buckthorn berry puree 300 mlSea buckthorn leaf granulated tea 100 gMade and grown in Lithuania.Made to order by UAB Pas Bobutė...
19.00 €
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