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Who are we? is an online store of natural and healthy products.

We are a family with three children who have been working with spices, teas and a variety of natural products for a decade. We really like and appreciate natural, high-quality, healthier products. We want to use good products ourselves and offer you the opportunity to buy quality goods. Therefore, an online store for groceries and other natural products made by small farmers and family businesses was established. We know our suppliers and their goods very well, so we can offer you a quality service (consulting) system. We will sincerely advise and help you choose.

"Pas Bobute" branded products:

- Hemp products. We have created a very wide line of hemp products, where you will find not only tea or protein, but also body care, sauna and health care products. We delve very deeply about hemp, so we will be happy to share our knowledge with you, give you advice on how to use hemp products in the kitchen or improve your health, how to differentiate between the benefits of hemp seed oil and flower oil (CBD).

- Tea. After tasting our teas, you will understand why we chose them. Among the huge offer in the world, we have selected the highest quality, delicate taste of traditional (White, Black and Green Tea), spicy and various herbal teas.

- Spices. Among the wide selection of pure, natural spices, we also offer to try our natural mixtures without salts and flavors. We believe we will be able to surprise you .. :) You can always ask for advice on your desired improvisation in the kitchen or the use of spices to improve your health.

 Every day we create, look for, try something new ... it's like an established habit and our usual activity :) So we constantly bring innovations to our range.

Our goal is to find like-minded people, friends with whom we can communicate and collaborate. We aim that after purchasing the product in our online store, you will receive all the information and consultation you are interested in, so that you would like to come back here again.

We aim to give you satisfaction.

We have a positive effect on your health ....


We deliver products by post, ATMs. So, at a time convenient for you, you will be able to pick up the goods at the nearest office.

We send goods all over the world, wherever you live, if only the mail reaches you ... :)

With all respect, online store for natural and healthy goods.