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Agar- floating water nut

You can use agar instead of the usual gelatin. 1 teaspoon of agar is equivalent to 1 tablespoon of gelatin. You can also drink it with hot water, like tea.

Here are some facts about how agar is superior to conventional gelatin:

- Agar is suitable for vegetarians, vegetarian diets, because its source is plants and gelatines are animals.

- Agar has no taste, no smell and color.

- Agar strengthens harder than gelatin.

- Agar gives you a feeling of fullness, so it's great for diets.

Usage: 1/3 teaspoon in a glass (200 ml) and pour boiling water, tea, coffee or milk, mix and drink. Add 1 teaspoon to the soup, mix and eat. Prevent cooling. Stir in sauce (thicken) with soup. It is important to know: drink lots of fluids when using agar. agar nut powder is used in pudding, marmalade, ice cream and dairy products.

Country of origin: Italy

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