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Sauna products

Body butterGreat for softening and moisturizing dehydrated skin. For all skin types. Add a small amount of body butter to your fingers and then rub it gently into the desired area, using firm broad stokes until the body butter is fully absorbed by the skin. The best time to apply boddy butter is jus..
38.00 €
CBD HoneyGreat tool for your sauna.Keep tightly closed. Protect from direct sunlight.Made in Lithuania...
25.00 €
Hemp flower body scrubFor those who want smooth and bright skin. Hemp seed oil will nourish and soften dehydrated skin, Himalayan salt will exfoliate dead skin cells, hemp flowers will relax and soothe.Our body scrub is perfect for home bath and sauna treatments.Usage: 1-2 times a week. Apply a thin..
24.00 €
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