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Crickets with honey and mustard

Crickets with honey and mustard
Crickets with honey and mustard
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Having a healthy snack has never been so easy and delicious!
Dried crickets covered with all your favorite spices are ready to enrich your diet and snack table. Honey and mustard dried crickets will appeal to lovers of sweet and sour flavors. Gently spicy mustard is perfectly revealed in all its beauty sweetened with rich honey. Taste straight from the package, sprinkle on salads, enrich other snacks.

A great choice for a snack with your favorite series, on a trip or just to indulge. It is especially convenient to have on hand after sports - you will quench your hunger with a nutritious, healthy and delicious snack. Dried crabs contain as much as 60% protein, especially important for your muscles!

• 60% protein
• Lactose free
• Gluten free
• Be GMO