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Coffee set (8 pcs)

Coffee set (8 pcs)
Coffee set (8 pcs)
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Coffee set (8 pcs)

Arabica coffee beans (lot Arabica) have a long-lasting taste and smell. These are especially appreciated coffee beans that grow in mountains, also called alpine coffee. Our coffee is delicate and seductive, characterized by optimum acidity and expressive taste, which provides a special cultivation condition. The coffee is caramelized on the surface of the coffee beans, which gives the coffee extra sweetness, so the coffee is neither overcard nor strong. A very important component of good coffee is water - it must be fresh, soft and of good taste.

This collection will be a great gift for any occasion.

The set consists of:

Natural arabic coffee;

Coffee with mint;

Coffee with Chili peppers;

Saffron coffee;

Ginger coffee;

Kardamom Coffee;

Coffee with cinnamon;

Coffee with rose petals.

Made in Lithuania.

Coffee originates from Colombia.