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Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set " Green hemp"The set consists of:Hemp seed oil 200 mlHemp rings 25g1 cup of tea with an inscription (Dont worry be happy)The boxMade in Lithuania.Seller UAB "Pas Bobutė"..
16.50 €
Extra virgin olive oil from the heart of Italy in Tuscany! The oil is pure and has no bitter taste. We recommend using pure olive oil to flavor salads or porridges. We invite you to discover Italian flavors in your kitchen!Quick and delicious salad dressing with this oil:Spoon olive oil and a pinch ..
23.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn oil250 mlGrown and made in LithuaniaOil has long been used by our ancestors as food and medicine. Can be used topically on the skin, or taken orally as a dietary supplement. Sea buckthorn oil is very popular for salad dressing."Pas Bobutė" sea buckthorn berries are swollen in sunflower..
15.00 €
Black radish seed oilUnrefined black radish oil is perfect for salads, porridges, potato dishes, seasoning. An excellent antiseptic for the body, useful for those with increased acidity, reflux. 1 dessert spoon is recommended in the morning and evening before food.Store in a dark, cool place, protec..
16.00 €
Black seeds (kalonji) seed oilCold-pressed black seeds (kalonji seeds or nigella sativa) seed oil has a bitter, pungent, corrosive taste.A unique plant in its properties. The healing properties of this oil were described in his treatise by Hippocrates, the ancient Greek pharmacist Dioscorida. Avicen..
21.00 €
Cold pressed unrefined flaxseed oilYou can season salads, herring, potato dishes, sauces, stews, meat dishes, cold soups, or just drink a teaspoon in the morning and evening before food.Store in a dark, cool place, protected from direct sunlight.Energy and nutritional value of 100g of product: 3760k..
4.00 €
Cold pressed unrefined hemp seed oilHemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 (21.9%), omega-6 (66.3%), omega-9 (11.8%) fatty acids in an optimal ratio of 3: 1. These fatty acids protect against cardiovascular disease, depression, improve blood circulation to the brain and the whole organism, reduce joint an..
7.50 €
Marjoram oilUnrefined marjoram oil is loved for its silymarin, which is a powerful antioxidant that effectively protects the liver and other human organs. Recommended 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day for 15-20 minutes. before food.Store in a dark, cool place, protected from direct sunlight.100g energy and..
15.00 €
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