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Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set "Sea buckthorn"The set consists of:Sea buckthorn juice 300 mlSea buckthorn berry puree 300 mlSea buckthorn leaf granulated tea 100 gMade and grown in Lithuania.Made to order by UAB Pas Bobutė...
18.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn juiceSea buckthorn juice from Lithuanian farmed sea buckthorn berries. Not a concentrate, without added sugar (the product contains natural sugars).Sea buckthorn juice is layered, so it is necessary to shake before use. When drinking, it is recommended to dilute 1: 5 with water, season..
4.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn berry puree  Sea buckthorn berry puree is rich in vitamin c. It is a great choice for those who want to strengthen the immune system.Ingredients: Sea buckthorn puree 80%, sugar 20%.Grown and made in Lithuania.according to the order of UAB Pas Bobutė...
6.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn oil250 mlGrown and made in LithuaniaOil has long been used by our ancestors as food and medicine. Can be used topically on the skin, or taken orally as a dietary supplement. Sea buckthorn oil is very popular for salad dressing."Pas Bobutė" sea buckthorn berries are swollen in sunflower..
15.00 €
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