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Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set " Green hemp"The set consists of:Hemp seed oil 200 mlHemp rings 25g1 cup of tea with an inscription (Dont worry be happy)The boxMade in Lithuania.Seller UAB "Pas Bobutė"..
16.50 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
The Dwarf Duo gift set is a great solution to greet a loved one! Quince tea is loved by the whole family, and quince candy is a great snack for the whole family!The set consists of:330 ml. Quince tea. 6 eur. (Ingredients: quince 60%, sugar 40%) .100 gr. Quince candy. 5 eur. (Ingredients: quince 60%,..
14.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Gift set "Sea buckthorn"The set consists of:Sea buckthorn juice 300 mlSea buckthorn berry puree 300 mlSea buckthorn leaf granulated tea 100 gMade and grown in Lithuania.Made to order by UAB Pas Bobutė...
19.00 €
Herbal tea " Fresh thoughts"Tea sort: Herbal.Region: Europe, Asia.Aroma: mild, refreshing.Taste: delicate, citrus.Preparation: 200 ml of hot water up to 100C pour 1/2 tbsp. of tea and before use wait 5 minutes. Use 2 times...
8.00 €
Lavender flowersIn the kitchen you will taste excellent salads, fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Perfect for flavoring teas.Country of origin Albania.Seller UAB "Pas Bobutę"..
5.00 €
Lavender flowersGourmet consumes lavender in the form of raw butter, vinegar, vegetable dishes on the coals to cook meat or fish. Popular in Spanish, Italian and French cuisine, it's sauces, mushrooms, vegetables, fish soups, second-courses of vegetables and lamb. Together with thyme, mint, melissa,..
13.00 €
LicoriceCompote, chalk, drinks are scanned. Flavored Tobacco. Sweetened apples, sauerkraut, chicken, meat dishes.Boasting wonderful tea. It is added instead of sugar or honey to other herbal teas.Country of origin: Uzbekistan..
6.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Quince tea grown in Lithuania. Great for making a hot or cold drink.Ingredients: quinces, sugar...
6.00 €
Brand: Pas Bobute
Sea buckthorn berry puree  Sea buckthorn berry puree is rich in vitamin c. It is a great choice for those who want to strengthen the immune system.Ingredients: Sea buckthorn puree 80%, sugar 20%.Grown and made in Lithuania.according to the order of UAB Pas Bobutė...
6.00 €
Lovage Especially popular in the Ukrainian and German cuisine. Aromatised hot liqueurs. Lovage makes lighter meat broth, meat sauce, marinades. It's good for chopped lamb and beef, soups, especially borscht, vegetables, rice dishes, poultry, fish, potato pancakes.Suitable for parsley, chiv..
4.00 €
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