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Fireweed fermented

Fireweed fermented
Fireweed fermented
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Fireweed fermented.

This tea resembles black and green teas. However, it does not have a tonic effect, so it's great for both morning and evening.

Medicinal herbs - fireweed leaves or grass. The medicinal herb contains about 10-20% of various tartar substances, an average of 15% of mucus, about 150 mg% of vitamin C, and also a considerable number of flavonoids. Pectin, carotene, minerals, vitamin A and other biologically active substances are also found in the medicinal plant. It is said that in the pharmacy the plant material contains up to 6-7 times more vitamin C than lemons.

Due to the healing powers of the plant, Russians even gave to this tea Ivan the name of the Czar.

Tea preparation method: add to taste and pour hot water. Hold for 5-7 minutes.

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