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Herbal and petal collection "Flavor Notes".

Herbal and petal collection "Flavor Notes".
Herbal and petal collection "Flavor Notes".
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Herbal and petal collection "Flavor Notes".

Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with your own masterpiece - your own tea! The Kit of Flavors will reveal your creative thoughts and emotions. Choose herbs, petals, buds, mix them with each other - create your own taste - just the one that is most ideal for you! Give your kids tastes, smells, flavors, plants - this is a great creative education for them. Pour 85-95 ° C with hot water . Your fantasy will surprise you ... you have your own hands - a unique and everyday other tea.

This set contains 20 pcs. of different ingredients for your own tea:

honey bush tea, rooibos tea, red rose bud tea, pink rose petals, blue cornflowers, jasmine blossoms, orange blossoms, milfoil, chamomile blossoms, linden blossoms, lavender blossoms, lapacho bark, rosehip skins, hibiscus tea, melissa, thyme, willowherb, barberries, calamus root pieces, lemon grass.