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Gift set “Kitchen magic”


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The kitchen set of gift magic consists of 4 of our most popular spices.

Chimi churi is an Argentinian breath in your kitchen. Whether you are preparing meat, fish or a vegetarian dish, the taste and smell will surprise you. A great combination of garlic, oregano, sweet peppers and parsley with love from Grandma.

Grandma’s spice mix with peeled food cannabis will perfectly flavor meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, stews. Containing sweet and smoked paprika, it is a wonderful duo that gives a sweet and sharp sensation to the palate. It will give the soups a unique and exclusive taste!

Grandma’s sharp is the sharp side of Grandma’s! Perfect for use in stews without wanting too much sharpness, a small pinch of these spices is enough and you already have a light sense of sharpness!

Garlic tomato – a taste of Mediterranean cuisine in your dishes. Perfect for preparing pasta, poultry, fish or vegetarian, vegan dishes. Ideal for seasoning pizzas and salads.

This whole set will reach you packed in a beautiful box! Leave the worries of Christmas to us!