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Cardamom pods with seeds


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Cardamom pods with seeds

The word “cardamom” originates from the Arabic “to heat” and in fact has warming properties. This property is determined by two different ether compounds in the cardamom seed immediately after the outer layer. These are the compounds of flowers, fruits and sweet aromas – linalol and acetate ether, and penetrating eucalyptus ether – cineol. Cardamom taste is spicy and bitter. Cardamom contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc. Natural zinc is the highest in comparison to all other spices. There are also B vitamins – B1, B21, B3.

Cardamom is widely used on the side of the sweet cuisine, with sweetish sweets, sweet sweets, sweet yogurts, chocolate, fruit salad, cakes, gingerbread, cakes, cakes, compote, bread, biscuits, teas, kissels. It is put in tea and tea in India and China. (famous Indian “chai”).

Country of origin: Guatemala.